Metal Building Supplier

MTR Cana offers the most reliable pre-engineered steel building solutions, easily customized for large openings and column-free interiors.

We are ready to use our extensive experiences to assist on your next metal building project, complete it on time, and with an affordable price tag.

Our Steel Buildings are pre-engineered metal building systems that provide exceptional design flexibility and durability. Each building packing is custom, per your design and local building codes. Once the layout has been finalized, the preliminary drawings are reviewed by local engineers, who provide the detailed engineering information with their stamp of approval. Our factories then fabricate each building in accordance with the engineer stamped plans, so you receive a custom, bolt-together building system.

• US accreditation and state requirements

Our metal buildings are AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) recognized and meets ASTM standards (American Society of Tests and Materials).

• Competitive price, short lead time and fast delivery

We offer high quality steel building with very competitive price. Metal building can be manufactured with 50 days. Shipping is usually in 30days or less.

• Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems

Buildings are equipped with polyurethane insulated panels, which allows you to have control over interior climates.

• Flexible sizing

Steel’s superior strength allows our prefabricated metal buildings to achieve column-free designs, offering maximum interior flexibility. spacious interiors span up to 300’ without needing any cumbersome support columns. Our prefab steel buildings stretch up to 40’ tall on a standard design.